Does Caffeine have an Effect on Cortisol Levels?


It is known that there is a linkage between caffeine that is consumed and the cortisol levels in the body. Any food or beverage that is consumed, which contains caffeine usually stimulates the body to release extra levels of cortisol hormone. Caffeine is a stimulant and this boosts the levels of metabolism in the body. Many people find this effect helpful in being able to lose weight. However, as cortisol hormone is related to stress, it is said that cortisol levels increasing in the body can lead to weight gain, which is a common response of the body when stress levels increase.

What the experts say

Many health experts state that caffeine usually stimulates the body and this in turn leads to a boost of the metabolism levels, though for a short span of time. When the metabolism rate increases, it pushes the body to burn fat faster. For that reason, many dietary experts recommend caffeine to be included in weight loss supplements. The theory behind this logic asserts that, when metabolism levels are increased, one can see better effects from the exercises. As a result, when weight loss supplements are combined with exercises, the effects are more easily evident. The popularity of caffeine related drinks and snacks as guided by the act of wholesale coffee in Canberra rise every day.

About cortisol

It is necessary to understand the functions of the cortisol hormone in order to realize the effects of caffeine in the same. When the body is stressed, this hormone is released. It leads to considerable mental alertness as the body senses stressful situation that needs to be combated. The body reacts as it is anxious and it can lead to fat burning from the muscle tissues as well. The body’s metabolism level rises up as the cortisol remains in the bloodstream. Caffeine is known to stimulate the cortisol secretion. Hence, the body keeps up the effects of cortisol for a longer period of time when caffeine is consumed for long and consistent. The wholesale coffee act regulates the sale of coffee beans that is the main ingredient in the making of different caffeinated beverages and food items.

Excessive consumption of caffeine

Even though cortisol secretion from time to time to stimulate the system can be helpful to increase alertness and keep the system active, prolonged and high consumption of caffeine will have adverse effects. It increases the blood pressure rate and in case one has a weak heart, constant pressure on the heart can cause cardiac problems. Anxiety, insomnia and irritability are other symptoms of excessive consumption of caffeine. Black Mountain Coffee offers small portions of coffee that you can enjoy at good rates too.

Regulate dosage to reap benefits

It is not harmful to consume caffeine and coffee beans are known to have beneficial properties for the health. If caffeine containing drinks and food items is consumed in a balanced manner, it will help one to sustain an active lifestyle, stimulate the metabolism and focus on their work.